Sunday, October 16, 2011

Diamond Car Insurance - Helpful Information Regarding Diamond Car Insurance

Q: I am a woman driver and have been driving for 3 years. I saw an advertisement from Diamond car insurance that says that it is a special insurance company only for women drivers. Is there any special advantage for drivers who do business with them?

A: Diamond car insurance is a subsidiary of another, bigger insurance firm. This company focuses only on the female drivers market, and has specialized products for this market segment. The company has developed a good market from the niche segment, and has a strong presence in the ladies insurance segment.

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According to market sources, insurance policies from this company are generally cheaper and there are special products with gifts like handbags, discounts, and other products that are useful for women. The company's research says that men cause 90% of the accidents on road, and that makes female drivers a very safe demographic group for insurance companies. By focusing solely on this niche, the total risk of the company is much lower, and it is able to offer insurance at better rates to drivers.

You should ask for a quote from Diamond car insurance and compare it with your present insurance quotes. If the quote is competitive, then there is nothing wrong with getting coverage from this company. You can also shop for a policy online.

Lastly, we strongly recommend that you take comparison shopping seriously when it comes to your auto insurance coverage. There are many drivers who are overpaying for their coverage, and you might be shocked at just how much money you could be saving on your premiums.

Diamond Car Insurance - Helpful Information Regarding Diamond Car Insurance

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